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Welcome to Louisville's latest and greatest mom and pop pizza shop!

We are family owned and operated, mom works the front counter, and pop makes the pizza dough.

At Pizzaville, quality ingredients are serious business. The dough is made from scratch using premium spring wheat flour, salt, sugar, oil, and yeast. The cheese is 100% whole milk mozzarella, and the sauce is premium crushed tomatoes, packed within hours after harvesting. You'll be able to taste the difference after your first bite.

Our journey with pizza began in 1996. That's when Todd, (the pop in this operation) started working as a lab technician for a company that manufactured just add water pizza mixes for over 130 different pizza chains. With over 20 years of pizza dough research and development experience, he learned from the best, and observed the worst. It's not just using the best ingredients, it's a blend of mix times, dough development, hydration levels, and the balance of time vs. temperature during dough fermentation.

We really know our pizza. We also know what goes into the pizza at the big chains. We know you're going to love how we do it!

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